Friday, 5 October 2012

Feature No.5

Feature No.5
The band STASH will be entertaining us on Saturday night!  

STASH is a London based Punk Psyche Blues band with roots in Maumee, Ohio, near the epicenter of the breeding ground for Midwest punk, rock and blues- the same pedigree as neighbours The MC5, The Stooges and The Necros. (And more recently, The White Stripes, The Black Keys and The Soledad Brothers, even though the latter are all pussies by comparison). 
Female fronted, this four piece band digs deep into rough, tough rock territory streaked with purist influences. The songwriting team of Midwesterners Riggio and Masiker leave The Glimmer Twins weeping in their milky English tea.

To experience a STASH gig is a cerebral stab in the heart: “They sound like The Count Five in a pub brawl with Joe Meek. The guitar sounds like Keef Richards wading through a Louisiana swamp, the drums are loose-limbed and staccato - every snare shot sounds like a handclap - and the whole rackety, lo-fi noisefest is presided over by a punk rock Barbarella, who lets rip a glorious howl of a vocal while giving a vintage synthesizer a good seeing-to. That's when she's not accosting the audience and hurling herself off stage.” (Michael Johnson, Nemesis)

STASH is launching their second single and first video “I Need A Sign” in October 2012.
STASH is completing their first album “Resistor,” due for early 2013 release.
STASH previously released their first 7”inch single, “Divide & Conquer/ Razors,”
which sold out through Rough Trade Records but is now available in a limited run on their website.
Their single “Dirty City” was featured on XFM (John Kennedy).
They are regularly featured on London radio: Camden
Becky Masiker- Vocals, Moog
Nick Riggio- Guitar, Vocals
Cristian Pusceddu- Bass
Hiro Amamiya- Drums