Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January' 14 @ Hotel Elephant

SLAM Last Friday, SAF Student Meet Up and AN Interview. 

Our shop front gallery space will be opening late this Friday 31st Jan. for SLAM Last Friday's 6 - 9pm.

We will also be hosting the Southwark Arts Forum student meet up at 6pm that evening. Students have been invited to meet the SAF team and their student ambassadors. 

For more information click HERE. 

Earlier this month our Gallery Director spoke to Pippa Koszerek read the article HERE.

Shop Front Gallery Opening

Shop Front Gallery Space 

Our new shop front gallery space on Newington Causeway, opened on quite a rainy Friday before Xmas. With approximately 70 people turning out to browse a collection of works made by local Artists and Designer - Makers, we where very pleased with the response!

Since opening with have had a steady stream of people discovering the shop and quite a few walking away with locally created works to display proudly at home!

We have also found that, along with gaining new audience members daily, we are also re-discovering those who used to visit us when we where located across the road, at the now Southwark Playhouse building. 

We are very pleased with our high street location and to back on Newington Causeway! We would like to extended a warm welcome to all visitors new and old, we look forward to seeing you in the shop in the coming months. 

Here are a selection of images of the works we have available for sale. 

All image © respective Artists and Hotel Elephant (2014). Images are not permitted to be reproduced, distributed or otherwise, without prior permission granted by the Artist and Hotel Elephant.

Amy Pennington - #Save Old Flo 6 

Jaykoe - 'Formations IV'

Kit Boyd - 'We will fight them on the beaches' - Collage on Vintage Postcard

Lola Piccolola - Handmade Textiles (image) Hand Knitted Scarf

Reuben Powell - 'Claydon House' - Inkjet Print on Archival Paper.