Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Still To Come In June & July

Coming up this June & July at Hotel Elephant!

We've got lots of exciting events & exhibitions still to come this summer;
Please see the What's On section of our website to find out more details.

19th June 
Of Ice and Identity
an evening of new music from Taz Alexander 

23rd - 27th June 
Demolition Drawing
an exhibition of work created by local primary school children during the Demolition Drawing project. 
Led by Artist Reuben Powell and working with Lend Lease & their demolition contractors, unprecedented access to the Heygate demolition site has been granted for this project, where local children have been recording the demolition over the past year. 

9th - 12th July 
Building A City - Cardboard Southwark.
Twelve Southwark primary schools build Southwark from cardboard. 

11th & 12th July. 
by The Old Vic Community Company
“Like a billion Dick Whittingtons…”
From estate agents to squatters, from support workers to oligarchs, we are all united in a race to get a place. But who can afford to go the distance? Luckily Sam’s got a chance to make a change, to make things better somehow. Sam’s going to tell us the answer. He just doesn’t know what it is yet.
David Watson’s epic tale, based on the testimonies of over 200 Londoners, is a response to the mounting housing crisis and asks what it means to find some space in a city that’s squeezing you out.
The Old Vic Community Company is excited to announce their first production, formed of 30 performers and 45 back stage participants. Thank you to th
e 1,281 people who auditioned to be a part of the production.

17th - 19th July 
Journeys, is a collaborative project between the residents of Southwark Council’s Leathermarket JMB (Joint Management Board) and students from the London College of Communication.  Designed to help recount the histories and life journeys of local residents, through a series of films, photographs, installations and publications, to be exhibited at the Hotel Elephant, the project aims to help build a stronger more cohesive community, linking old and young, rich and poor, including Bermondsey natives and newcomers from elsewhere in the UK and far beyond, who have now come to call the area home.
If we can better understand, acknowledge and share the tremendous variety of ways and reasons why people have come to be in a JMB residence then we can strengthen the links between individuals and across our community as well as providing a fascinating picture of the change in this special part of inner London.

25th July. 
Seven Streets, Two Markets and a Wedding. 
Film Screening. 

A feature-length programme of archive films curated by London's Screen Archives, Seven Streets, Two Markets and a Wedding is a collection of 10 rare films offering glimpses of lost London from 1930 to 1980.
Largely unseen for generations, these snapshots of London life provide a unique insight into the continuities and changes in the capital across the twentieth century.
Viewers will travel from Brent to Southwark via Hackney and Hampstead Heath in this heritage showcase. Highlights include the original Lambeth Walk, dray horses in '60s Marylebone and an East End parade.