Thursday, 4 October 2012

Feature No.4

Feature No. 4
Eleanor Shipman will be screening her film 'Play Swap' in our exhibition opening on Saturday.
She will also be bringing along the ten metre long skipping rope that features in the film!

 Eleanor Shipman is a socially engaged artist living and working in London. 
She studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art.
Debate around regeneration, temporary public art and notions of community underpin her practice. Supported with a substantial body of ongoing research Eleanor’s work responds to and challenges public, urban and socio-political
tensions through encouraging and engaging real people. This often results in public workshops, walks, discussions and events as artistic outcomes.
Eleanor is particularly interested in human interaction with urban space recently investigated through her project PLAY SWAP, a six month residency funded by Near Neighbours at Pembroke House, a church and community centre in South London. The residency aimed to bring people of different cultural backgrounds together using the exploration and discussion of urban play. From play workshops with local schools, community groups, festivals and local residents to game collection, conversations, urban interventions and collaborations the project culminated in the production and screening of a short film with local 
residents which will be added to Southwark’s local archives. 
For Eleanor, art is a social medium. As she continues to pursue socially engaged art she is looking forward to more in-depth communication and research with 
different groups of people. Eleanor will embrace future challenges faced by 
socially engaged art and believes that this is an exciting beginning: its potential is yet to be fulfilled.
Eleanor Shipman
Socially engaged artist, writer and researcher